Goals & Objectives

  • Build a fully staffed ED with smart, sustainable provider contracts
  • Decrease LWOTs
  • Improve collections per encounter

SCP Strategy

SCP Health began by conducting an operational assessment at each of the four facilities in the health system. The assessment helped SCP understand facility dynamics, set priorities, and choose the best tactics.

Specifically, SCP:

  • Used market expertise to advise the system on competitive provider rates, culture-driven recruiting and retention, and efficient credentialing and enrollment
  • Identified and implemented effective selection processes for Medical Directors, as well as ongoing leadership training
  • Transformed billing and collections operations and set out goal-oriented projections
  • Held monthly, structured committee meetings with both SCP and facility leadership to discuss wins, talk about issues, and review a consistent set of ED performance and quality metrics

As a foundation for these strategies, SCP encouraged an agile framework that could shift and adapt with the needs and growth of each facility within the system. Each hospital’s leadership felt supported for the first time in years, and the providers were pleased to have the benefits of system employment combined with the structure of a management company


SCP helped positively impact the following metrics:

SCP Health - Measure.


Facilitated hiring, credentialing, and onboarding of 10 FTE providers

SCP Health - Performance Improvement.


Decreased from 5% to less than 2%

SCP Health - Cost Savings.


Improvements resulted in approximately $800K in annual additional revenue