More than patient engagement,
our Connected Care solution is a key factor
in positive health outcomes and patient experience.


Smiling doctor engaging with patient on integrated medicine.
Improving patient experience

Support Patients at Crossroads in Care

Patients need more support when it comes to managing their health across the continuum of care.

SCP Health partners with hospitals and health systems to offer patients a more connected experience.

  • Engaging with patients for proactive planning and preventative health
  • Obtaining feedback during inpatient stays
  • Providing post-acute follow-up and outreach
Be there for your patients post-discharge
Nurse engaging with an elderly patient in a hospital bed.

Improve HCAPHS scores

with post-discharge follow-up and seamless patient connection to the ambulatory services you offer and they need.
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Establish a Connected Patient Journey

The patient journey is complex; we work with you to tackle challenges with proven solutions that advance your strategies and enhance the quality of care.

  • Leveraging technology and people processes to maximize resources
  • Increasing the rate of patient connection through multi-channel outreach
  • Supplementing in-person care and personnel shortages with hybrid solutions
  • Reducing avoidable readmissions and improving HCAHPS


Engage Patients with their Care

Doctor engaging with an elderly patient in a hospital bed.
Multi-channel communication
Hybrid care network
Efficient care connection


Patient Engagement Resources

Expert guidance on improving patient experience

Patient receiving advanced care in the home through the phone.
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