Emergency Medicine Services Results

SCP Health collaborates with our clients, balancing the unique needs of each organization and making data-driven decisions to improve outcomes and performance for acute patient care.

SCP Health - Anchored in strong leadership.

Anchored in
Strong Leadership

Strong clinical leadership, including experienced medical directors and senior medical experts, head a highly collaborative clinical team that fully aligns and integrates with your hospital and medical staff.

SCP Health - Retention Rates.

Patient-Centered Approach

Our patient-centered approach focuses on enabling and delivering exceptional care with a positive patient experience, before, during, and after clinical encounters.

SCP Health - Data-driven results.

Data-Driven Results

We drive continuous improvement in quality through innovative technology, data-driven insights, and actionable analytics, resulting in reduced clinical variability, and cost-effective care.

SCP Health - Peak Performance.

Achieve Peak Potential

Financial stability, high recruitment and retention rates, and long-term partnerships allow your health system to achieve strategic goals and pave the way for new and innovative value-based models.

Acute Unscheduled Care Services:
Quality, Benefits, and Impact

SCP Health aligns clinical and operational teams, using local leadership, dynamic scheduling, and proven care delivery models. Our EM specialists deliver scalable approaches that help prioritize patient care while achieving strategic goals.

Comprehensive Quality
  • Quality of Care Measurements: Enhance publicfacing metrics and improve your industry footprint through advanced clinical approaches that improve CMS Star ratings, sepsis performance, opioid management, patient safety measurements, and MIPS scores.
  • Accountable Leadership: Medical directors are supported and held highly accountable for obtaining and analyzing key quality data, and for developing and deploying continuous improvement strategies.
  • Clinician Performance Reports: Rapid cycle, individualized feedback derived from the clinician’s own charts enables clinical teams to meet targets quickly and sustain superior performance over time.   
  • Executive Dashboards: Allow visibility into actionable data on quality of care, clinical and operational performance, patient satisfaction, and facility-specific initiatives.
  • Ongoing Professional Practice Evaluation (OPPE): Efficient evaluation processes gather individualized data on clinical performance that supports early detection and timely responses on clinical performance and meets external reporting requirements.
Experienced Clinicians
  • Robust Recruiting and Retention: Extensive screening, interviewing, credentialing, and enrollment processes qualify EM candidates and provide support based on individual and team performance. 
  • Stable Environment: Improved clinical and operational performance through reduced administrative burden, quality improvement processes, staffing optimization, and leadership development.
  • Leadership and Clinician Engagement: Continuous medical director support and a multi-feature engagement program involving education, ongoing reporting, and transparent communication. 
  • Optimized Staffing Models: Data-driven approaches and best practices optimize clinician staffing for patient volume and acuity while enhancing patient experience and safety. 
  • Patient-Centered, Clinician-Friendly: Focus and culture reflect the needs of both patients and clinicians, optimizing patient experiences and outcomes while empowering clinicians to focus on the work of healing. 
Optimized Financials
  • Revenue Growth: Proven strategies allow for enhanced patient loyalty and increased care capacity while supporting value-based care incentives.
  • Cost Management: Operational insights and crisp execution allow us to minimize inefficiencies, achieve cost objectives, and reduce subsidy requirements and recruiting costs.
  • Revenue Cycle Management: We integrate clinical and financial systems to translate services into appropriate revenue, decreasing risk and increasing value across all types of reimbursement methodologies. 
  • Documentation: The clinical documentation team supports ongoing access to education and provides rapid-cycle feedback to support appropriate facility and physician revenue.  
Communications and Operations
  • Streamlined Operations: SCP Health’s proprietary mySCP technology makes it easy for clinicians to engage and perform optimally with a personalized, readily accessible source for onboarding, communications, schedules, credentials, patient encounters, and performance metrics.
  • Secure Messaging: mySCP is a HIPAA-compliant messaging channel that provides consistent communication, keeps clinicians informed through group and personal notifications, and allows for rapid scheduling adjustments.  
  • Workspace Hub: The mySCP platform facilitates efficient workflows through clinician dashboards, personal metric displays, and patient encounter support. 
  • Reduced Administrative Burden: Advanced technology applications support both operational and clinical best practices, cutting out the noise and producing optimal results.
Clinical Integration
  • Improved Throughput: Interdependent service lines utilize enhanced communications that align practices, delivering seamless, exceptional patient outcomes. 
  • Joint Operations Committee: Collaborative meetings with hospital C-suite and clinical leaders reveal opportunities to streamline care in the emergency department and inpatient services while improving quality, cost-effectiveness, and patient experience. 
  • EM/HM Guidebook: Expert guidance and resources strengthen both emergency and hospitalist services provides ongoing guidance for best practices and efficient care.
Diverse group of medical professionals discussing SCP Health's Clinical & Emergency Care Services.
Clinical Services

Management by Emergency Medicine Specialists

  • Goal Alignment: Expertise and experience align your hospital’s unique needs with clinical leadership, recruitment, staffing optimization, quality objectives, documentation assurance, and revenue cycle support.
  • Data-Driven Decisions: Real-time data collection of clinical and operational metrics to provide actionable analytics enabling ongoing process improvement and high-quality outcomes.  
  • Minimal Disruption: Customized solutions reduce administrative burden and improve operational performance without changing your current employment strategy. 
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Intensivist conducting a Telehealth appointment with a patient.
Telehealth in the ED

Virtual Triage Program

Flexible and customizable program options leverage technology to extend quality care via:

  • Fast Track availability
  • Dedicated providers in triage 
  • Surge support for on-site clinicians 
Learn More About the Teletriage Program

Virtual Health Solutions
for Acute Patient Care

Care Coordination

Our care coordinators support patients after they leave the hospital, ensuring timely and appropriate follow-up care and providing support along the next steps of the care journey.


Using telemedicine technology, our clinicians check in with concerned patients and offer new clinical encounters as needed, providing exceptional patient care outside of the hospital to create better outcomes.

Patient Engagement

We work directly with patients and employers, empowering them to make informed health care decisions and optimize patient experience across the continuum of care. 

SCP Health - Speech.

Hear From Our Partners

"SCP Health has been a good partner, they communicate well and frequently. We meet weekly to make sure we're all driving in the same direction, which has been very helpful. They try to work on things that will improve metrics and outcomes, and it's working. We're probably the most efficient ER in our system. They're constantly looking at staffing to make sure it's appropriate for throughput, our experience, and our financial viability. And now, we have a consistent team of clinicians. They even come on-site to follow the clinicians to give coaching points to improve their communication. We've never had someone take that type of involvement, it's like they're part of our organization."

Mary Ellen SumrallChief Nursing Officer, Baptist Golden Triangle

Success in the ED

See how hospitals and health systems of all kinds partner with SCP Health to achieve their strategic goals.

Medical professional using a Stethoscope on a patient.
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Medical professional wearing a mask hugs a young patient wearing a mask.
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Management Support for Employed Physician ED

Follow the improvement journey of a health system that decided to self-employ their ED clinicians and utilize management support from SCP Health.

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Emergency Care Services & EM Expertise

Our EM specialists are collectively passionate about delivering exceptional, acute patient care and driving operational efficiencies by sharing insights and expertise.

Our Emergency Medicine Specialists discussing information.
December 06, 2021

Insights to Interventions

Using the unique vantage point of the emergency department to drive transformation.

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