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Clinician Maintenance

Medical professional conducting an assessment of SCP Health's Clinical Staffing Solutions.

Operational Assessment

Our clinical staffing solutions include our operational teams, who conduct an on-site analysis to provide detailed staffing and performance observations, assessments, and reports. The goal is to evaluate hospital operations and help to enhance effectiveness and efficiency by:    

  • Identifying system strengths
  • Discovering opportunities for improvement in key systems and processes    
  • Customizing solutions to the needs of your organization 
  • Working together to improve care delivery   

Clinical Staffing and Emergency Staffing Solutions

SCP Health - Clinical Staffing and Emergency Staffing Solutions.

Clinician Maintenance and Development

Clinician-Centric Technology

Streamlined Operations: SCP Health’s proprietary mySCP technology makes it easy for clinicians to engage and perform optimally with a personalized, readily accessible source for onboarding, communications, schedules, credentials, patient encounters, and performance metrics.

Secure Messaging: mySCP is a HIPAA-compliant messaging channel that provides consistent communication, keeps clinicians informed through group and personal notifications, and allows for rapid scheduling adjustments.

Workspace Hub: The mySCP platform facilitates efficient workflows through clinician dashboards, personal metric displays, and patient encounter support.

Reduced Administrative Burden: Advanced technology applications support both operational and clinical best practices, cutting out the noise and producing optimal results.

Performance Improvement

Personalized Reports: Rapid cycle, individualized feedback derived from the clinician’s own charts enables clinical teams to meet targets quickly and sustain superior performance over time.

Individual and Executive Dashboards: Allow visibility into actionable data on quality of care, clinical and operational performance, patient satisfaction, and facility-specific initiatives.

Ongoing Professional Practice Evaluation (OPPE): Efficient evaluation processes gather individualized data on clinical performance that supports early detection and timely responses on clinical performance and meets external reporting requirements.

Learning and Career Development

CME-Focused: Specifically designed courses ensure clinicians have the necessary resources and tools to meet credentialing and licensing requirements.

Relevant Resources: Courses and offerings are continually updated, enabling training and education to be responsive to both year-round and current needs.

Empowers Clinicians: Clinicians have 24/7 access to training, promoting work-life balance and allowing them to learn and develop within the bounds of their clinical and personal schedules.

Career Expansion: Personalization features create curated paths to increase engagement and help clinicians increase their knowledge in various specialties and learn new skills, such as virtual care delivery.

Clinician Engagement

Leadership and Clinician Engagement: Continuous medical director support and a multi-feature engagement program involving education, ongoing reporting, and transparent communication.

Patient-Centered, Clinician-Friendly: Focus and culture reflect the needs of both patients and clinicians, optimizing patient experiences and outcomes while empowering clinicians to focus on the work of healing.

Supported Environment: Improved clinical and operational performance through reduced administrative burden, quality improvement processes, staffing optimization, and leadership development.

Scheduling Design

SCP Health - Dynamic Scheduling.

Dynamic Scheduling

SCP designed and developed advanced artificial intelligence software to create a data-driven approach to optimize clinician staffing. Our dynamic schedules utilize predictive analytic capabilities to improve clinician satisfaction while enhancing patient experience and safety.

SCP Health - Scheduling Management.

Scheduling Management

To optimize productivity and enhance clinicians’ work-life balance, our scheduling management services work to enhance scheduling accuracy and availability up to 90 days in advance, offering right-sized coverage and increased shift parity. 

SCP Health - On Demand Scheduling.

On-Demand Shift Coverage

Comprehensive surge plans, dedicated scheduling teams, and available virtual health resources increase preparedness so when the unexpected happens, you can continue to provide exceptional care without overtaxing resources. 

Clinical Staffing Solutions Case Studies

Medical professionals walking through a hallway.
Medical professional conducting a virtual health appointment with a patient.
Medical professionals looking at data through a laptop.
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A telehealth company partnered with SCP to manage its large-scale staffing operations through sourcing, recruiting, and scheduling to meet daily volume.

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Collaboration And Coverage Models: How One Facility’s ER Became The Model In Its Health System

SCP Health worked in tandem with this facility's fully supportive leadership team to improve a culture of employee and executive resistance to change.

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Exceptional Clinical Staffing Services.

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