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Aligned Performance Goals and Measures

Benefits and Impacts

Achieving a clinically integrated network

Every hospital department has the same goal: to provide the best possible care for their patients. With aligned program goals and a collaborative culture, quality and efficiency improve across the continuum of care, leading to:

  • Reduced length of stay
  • Patient pathway alignment
  • Improved care consistency
  • Increased quality metrics
  • Enhanced patient safety and experience
How We Do It

Integrated Medicine

We support local care teams to deliver exceptional care in every department, integrating across hospital and community care pathways to improve overall quality, patient experience, and operational goals while leveraging advanced analytics, predictive models, and capability hubs to operate with next-level efficiency. Our approach includes:

  • Technology enablement
  • AI-powered dynamic scheduling
  • Care in the gap solutions
  • Interdepartmental collaboration

Clinical Integration
Case Studies

See how hospitals and health systems benefit from clinical integration with SCP Health.

Group of health leaders discussing information during a meeting.
Group of health professionals discussing information on a laptop.
  • Success Story 1
  • Success Story 2

Building A Reputation Of Quality For HM, EM, and ICU Programs

This system chose SCP Health as a dedicated and responsive partner in leading its Hospital Medicine, Emergency Medicine, and Critical Care programs for a newly acquired facility by implementing a Joint Operations Committee (JOC).

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Unified Hospital, Emergency, And Urgent Care Improves Access And Metrics

SCP Health's partnership with this not-for-profit facility successfully improved Emergency Medicine performance and Hospital Medicine structure and metrics.

See How We Did It

Clinical Integration Expertise

SCP Health clinical and operational leaders are collectively passionate about delivering exceptional patient care and driving operational efficiencies by sharing related insights and expertise.

Health professional showing doctor information on a laptop.
December 01, 2022

Clinical Integration: The Key to Improving Outcomes for Patients, Clinicians, and Hospitals

What is clinical integration? How does it benefit patients, clinicians, and hospitals? Explore its benefits and the steps to implement this in your h ...

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