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United by our core values of agility, collaboration, courage, and respect, we are working to create scalable health care solutions and revitalize the industry.

SCP Health - Agility


We adopt strategies, technologies, and models to proactively respond to the evolving health care environment.

SCP Health - Collaboration.


We align clinical and operational teams empowering them to work together to provide cost-effective, high-quality care.

SCP Health - Courage.


We act to make a difference, to revitalize health care by empowering clinicians and health care organizations to deliver exceptional patient outcomes.

SCP Health - Respect.


We cultivate respect for everyone throughout the continuum of care, from patients to clinicians and operational experts that support them.

Collectively Passionate

Focused on Clinical Solutions and Patient Experience

“SCP Health stayed true to who we are as a company. We saw the crises, the surges, the storms, and we created solutions. Every day, we empowered our clinicians to deliver exceptional clinical care in the top decile of performance.”

Rich D’Amaro, Chief Executive Officer

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Delivering Exceptional Patient Care

“There is no substitute for a humble, deep, and firm resolve to get health care “right” for all of our patients – wherever they may be in their health care journey.”

Randy Pilgrim, MD, FACEP, FAAFP, Enterprise Chief Medical Officer

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SCP Health, a leader in clinical practice management, was founded based on a vision of delivering better patient outcomes.

Schumacher Clinical Partners, Hospital Physician Partners, and ECI Healthcare Partners came together to combine strengths and expand national reach.

As one of the largest health care partners in the country, we continue to live the aim of our founder, William “Kip” Schumacher, MD. With 50 years of collective experience, our solutions span the continuum of care, aligning clinical and operational experts to revitalize health care.

Together, we heal.

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Making an impact on clinical services nationwide.




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Health Care Advocacy

Advocating for the Future

Our goal is to revitalize health care for all. Our advocacy team promotes future-oriented, evidence-based, and patient-centered health care policies. We monitor and influence legislative and regulatory changes that affect all aspects of our industry – from patient safety and disaster response to reimbursement and professional liability.  

 We collaborate with:  

  • The American College of Emergency Physicians 
  • The Emergency Department Practice Management Association
  • The Society of Hospital Medicine  Public Policy Committee and Performance Reporting and Measurement Committee 
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A Year of Highlights as a Leader in Health Care

2022 Annual Review

Driven by a mission to empower clinicians and revitalize patient care, we continue to trend positively and advance, improving access to care, innovating clinician-facing technology, and investing in a sustainable future.   

Read our 2022 Annual Review, highlighting our newly expanded portfolio and our renewed commitment to discovering what we can do together.   

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From Our Leadership

“SCP Health has positioned itself well today while also situating ourselves for a future of growth. Our balance sheet is strong, and despite continued managed care headwinds and cost pressures, SCP has maintained direct costs at 85% of revenue. Our strong financial performance led to an upgrade in our debt rating in 2021 and affords us the ability to invest in our people, our technology platforms, and new partnership ventures. We are focused on optimizing performance and reinvesting in our teams and solutions to lead a course for revitalizing health care.”

Rena Cottam, Chief Financial Officer

“When it counted most in 2020 and 2021, we were there for our partners, our clinicians, and our patients. We supported our clinicians and enabled patient care while overcoming short term obstacles, including providing full PPE to all of our clinicians and enrolling 2,680 new providers in spite of staffing shortages. We kept our focus on the present and future, looking ahead to the next phase of hurdles, collecting data to develop new processes, and finding flexible solutions to match changing needs so we can continue to be there every step of the way.”

Jim Guidry, President - Emergency and Hospital Medicine Services

“SCP Health has a strong responsibility to prioritize sustainability: financially, environmentally, and socially. We are committed to transforming our health care system into one that is not only more equitable but also emphasizes the importance of health and wellness for all. With good stewardship of our assets, robust DEI initiatives, and close attention to sustainable processes, we have built a strong foundation with long-term viability.”

Sarah Crass, Esq., General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer

“SCP Health is committed to helping our clinicians, people, and partners excel. We understand the health care environment and know how to balance the clinical and business issues, acting as good stewards of our resources and striving for continuous improvement. Every day, we are investing in our future and the future of health care.”

Rob Reilly, Chief Operating Officer

Clinical Practice Management

Our expert teams deliver cost-effective, high-quality patient care and a better patient experience using advanced technology alongside innovative clinical and operational processes to create scalable solutions.

Sustainability with
SCP Health

We are dedicated to our aim to sustainably advance health care, and we share a profound responsibility in ensuring all our employees, resources, and processes support sustainability across the environment, climate, and the health care system.