Workforce Optimization

Economically Effective Solutions

We align with organizational needs and strategies to design the best solution for you. 

Integrated Technology, Tools, and Goals

We engage and support clinicians and caregivers, improving performance and retention. 

Reporting and Analytics for Decision Support

We deploy efficient and effective processes and technologies.

Consistent and Sustainable Outcomes

We deliver the best outcomes possible, for our partners and our patients. 

SCP Health - mySCP Technology Platform.

Clinical Workforce Optimization Model

SCP Health’s clinical staffing and workforce optimization model utilizes seamless technology and capabilities to harmonize and integrate components while effectively and efficiently managing your resources and teams.

Health Care Expertise

We combine extensive clinical and operational health care experience with a deep knowledge and understanding of rapidly changing health care compliance and regulations. 

  • Clinical guidance with care guidelines and quality indicators 
  • Risk guidance, including medical malpractice, cybersecurity, and other insurances 
  • Compliance and safety guidance aligning with organizational, OSHA, state, and national policies 
  • Professional training and educational opportunities to fulfill requirements 
Scheduling Design

We utilize advanced artificial intelligence algorithms and analysis to design, implement, and maintain optimized clinical staffing coverage with scalable surge support in place. 

  • Dynamic scheduling with predictive forecasting 
  • Schedule management with multi-instance capabilities and queuing technology 
  • On-demand shift coverage with telehealth clinical coverage and surge support 
Staffing Operations

We go beyond recruiting and staffing clinicians. Supported by our clinical workflow technologies, we onboard, credential, and enroll new clinicians as well as invest in their growth and maintenance. 

  • Clinician-centric technology enables rapid communication, support document collection, credentialing, licensing, and practice agreements 
  • Strong relationships with government payors and managed care organizations streamlines third party enrollment 
  • Renewals, re-enrollment, training, and professional development opportunities increase clinician engagement and retention 
Virtual Health Strategy

Our comprehensive virtual health strategy offers nationwide virtual care with an integrated digital platform.

Virtual health network features: 

  • Deployable in 50 states 
  • Queuing technology capabilities 
  • Patient portal platform 
  • Experience and board-certified virtual clinicians 
  • Flexing and surge support plans 

Continuum of care capabilities: 

  • Advanced care in the home 
  • Ambulatory & acute 
  • Primary care 
  • Urgent care 
  • Acute care 
  • Nocturnist 
  • Specialists 
Revenue Generation

We craft strategies for maximizing resources, streamlining processes, advancing operational efficiency, and lowering total physician management costs. 

  • Coding optimization with ICI coding algorithms and documentation integration 
  • Automated processes and a dedicated code and audit team for billing and collections 
  • Denial and AR management reporting capabilities 
  • Flexible patient engagement and communication channels 
  • Quality monitoring of outcome measurements and clinician performance feedback 

mySCP Digital Technology Platform

We have designed, developed, and deployed mySCP, a proprietary, secure, cloud-based digital technology platform supporting data warehousing, clinician-facing applications, and technology integration.

SCP Health - Virtual Health Solutions.

mySCP Applications Suite

Health care designed technology applications for clinical workflow, communication, and collaboration

SCP Health - Stability and Growth.

Dynamic Scheduling

Extensive clinical data collection paired with artificial intelligence algorithms and machine learning for improved accuracy in predictive scheduling

SCP Health - Doctor


Individualized dashboard to include performance reports, documentation support, patient lists, and continuing education opportunities and tracking

SCP Health - Whitepaper.


Offers a high-level view of facility and system metrics related to volume, quality, and performance to address operational resources and processes

SCP Health - Local, Regional, National Capability Hubs.
Local, Regional, National

Capability Hubs

We offer systems and structures that integrate technology, tools, and talent in a closed loop process that amplifies evidence-based approaches, reinforces training and enablement, and ensures outcomes are achieved.  

SCP Health Partnerships: Impact and Capabilities


enterprise recruiting rate with a robust network and a 97% clinician retention rate


virtual patient visits per year supported by predictable scheduling of nearly 10,000 clinician shifts per month 

clinicians placed on average quarterly


average increase in collections through 98% clinician documentation accuracy to support coding

Workforce Optimization Expertise

Hear from our clinical and operational experts.

Medical professional studying trends.

Artificial Intelligence and Dynamic Staffing

New technology helps solve staffing shortages by using artificial intelligence to create dynamic staffing models

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