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Using our clinical and operational expertise, SCP Health is advancing the future of patient care.

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SCP Health - Advanced Capabilities at Scale.
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Emerging Capabilities: Acute Care Solutions and more

We are constantly innovating and piloting new capabilities, including:

SCP Health - Dynamic Scheduling.
SCP Health - Post-Acute Care.
SCP Health - Acute Care at Home.
  • Dynamic Scheduling
  • Post-Acute Care
  • Acute Care at Home

Dynamic Staffing: Using AI to Solve Emergency Department Staffing Problems

Our nationwide investment in dynamic scheduling leverages advanced artificial intelligence, utilizing predictive analytic capabilities to provide accurate local scheduling coverage.

What Is Dynamic Scheduling?

Bridging Post-Acute Care Treatment

Utilizing advanced technology capabilities, we connect with patients post an acute episode of care and offer coordination and clinical support to prevent readmissions and improve patient satisfaction.

More on Our Patient Engagement Solutions

Advanced Care in the Home

We support health systems and at-home care providers with technology and clinician access for help with care plans, resolving medication issues, and overall enablement of acute care in the home.

More on Our Advanced Care in the Home Solution

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Why Choose SCP Health As Your Health Care Partner?

"SCP is constantly looking at staffing to make sure it’s appropriate for throughput, our experience, and our financial viability. And now, we have a consistent team of clinicians. They even come on-site to follow the clinicians to give coaching points to improve their communication. We’ve never had someone take that type of involvement, it’s like they’re part of our organization."

Mary Ellen Sumrall Chief Nursing Officer, SCP Health
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