Medical professional conducting a telemedicine appointment with a young patient.


  • Through mySCP, in less than 30 days, SCP was able to quickly onboard over 800 physicians to ultimately care for over 170,000 visits per month via our client’s telehealth platform.
  • The SCP team has delivered consistent coverage every hour of every day, with predictable scheduling for physicians, improved patient wait times, cost reductions for the client, and overall enhanced satisfaction for the client, clinicians, and patients.
  • SCP schedules nearly 9,000+ virtual physician shifts to cover over 170,000 patient visits per month.
Medical professionals reviewing information on a laptop.

Key Takeaways

  • Physicians engaged with this platform model are agile, tech-savvy, and innovative – they respond quickly to requests through the mySCP app.
  • Through the use of mySCP, sudden schedule changes and surges can be easily facilitated.
  • This scalable business model is easily transferable to other large or small staffing operations outsourcing arrangements.
  • With provider burnout as a major concern in the industry, a telehealth solution such as this offers improved work environments, flexibility, and the opportunity to reduce burden on capacity management within a facility.

Success by the Numbers


Physician shifts per month


Patient visits per month

Physicians onboarded in less than 30 days