Revenue Cycle Management Best Practices

SCP operates its own revenue cycle management organization to perform all coding, billing, collections, and customer functions for our 7M+ patient visits per year.

SCP Health - Peak Performance.

Maximized Revenue Opportunities

We have resources, policies, and procedures in place and available to optimize financial growth for our ED physician practices.

SCP Health - Revenue.

Proven Strategies & Proprietary Systems

We specifically design solutions around accurate documentation and information for more efficient revenue optimization.

SCP Health - Retention Rates.

Corporate Executive Oversight

The entire revenue cycle, from chart capture to tertiary collections, benefits from expert operational supervision and management.

SCP Health - Innovation.

State-of-the-Art Business Intelligence

Our solutions support physician documentation, clinical indicators, coding analytical tools, and chart delivery/processing portals. 

PreBilling – More than Charts and Coding

At SCP we know that successful clinical documentation translates into quality reporting, tracking, and feedback. Good clinical documentation will improve communication, increase recognition of conditions that are responsive to treatment, validate the care that was provided, and show compliance with quality and safety guidelines.

  • Performs professional and technical coding and quality assurance audits  
  • Reviews and responds to any coding related denials/rejections and patient complaints 
  • Dedicated code and audit team focusing on MIPS measures 
  • Focused nurse specialists dedicated to specific clinical reviews, education and feedback.  
PreBilling Operations
  • Team of stateside and offshore partners to verify demographic and insurance eligibility information 
  • Responsible for reconciling ingestion of patients’ records and charts into billing platform 
  • Contributes to maintaining proper and efficient workflow through PreBill front end processes 
  • Daily focus on consistently maintaining inventory levels, proper chart flow and quality of work processing to PostBill  
Health Information Operations Department (HiOps)
  • Formerly known as the EDRC and is responsible for ED, UC, ED OBS and Inpatient response chart and log acquisition 
  • Remote and on-site teams acquire logs and charts  
  • Process the date of service charts and logs, stray charts, and quality queries 
  • Work with IT on CDF implementation and to ensure feeds are working correctly 

Value Added Services –
Transforming People, Processes and Technology

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RCS Systems
RCS Training
Client Services Management Solutions
Project Management Office
Clinician Enrollment

Success Stories

Learn about specific challenges our hospital medicine partners faced and how SCP Health helped them see measurable results with our Documentation and Revenue Cycle Management solution.

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Health leaders showing data on a large screen.
Medical professional taking notes for a patient.
  • Success Story 1
  • Success Story 2
  • Success Story 3

Revenue Cycle and Documentation Partnership Produces Measurable Results

Non-profit health system partnered with SCP Health to perform professional coding to build a stronger chart management process for thorough chart completion and documentation.

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Enhancing Program Economics and Building a Culture of Continuous Improvement

Centura Health Physician Group partnered with SCP Health to develop a program management solution to implement revenue cycle and documentation assurance to address missed revenue in billing variance, cost efficiency guidelines, and clinical documentation best practices.

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Achieving Patient Loyalty with Unified Billing Process

An urgent care center advances with patient-friendly billing practices all while receiving benefits of a nationally recognized physician practice service, which resulted in increased patient satisfaction, patient volumes, and cost savings in partnership with SCP Health.

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Documentation and Revenue Cycle Management Expertise

Medical professional studying trends.
December 08, 2021

6 Hospital Medicine ROI Value Drivers

Six HM program economic and behavioral value drivers you can put into action to improve patient outcomes and significantly impact ROI.

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