Sustainable health is critical for our advance health care strategy.

SCP Health is a health care solutions company. We are a physician-led team of clinical and operational experts, collectively passionate about delivering exceptional patient care.  United by our values, we are committed to facilitating efficient, high-quality, low-cost health care.  We are focused on continuous improvement, striving toward best-in-class performance in all we do. We are dedicated in our aim to sustainably advance health care, and we share a profound responsibility in ensuring all our employees, resources, and processes support sustainability across the environment, climate, and the health care system.  As an essential part of our business strategy, we strive to advance our sustainability impact, focusing on empowering a more inclusive and diverse workforce, enhancing performance excellence, and improving patient outcomes.

Health Care and Sustainability:
Environmental, Social & Governance

Medical professionals discussing sustainable health care goals.
Social Responsibility

Diversity, Equity
and Inclusion

Our clinical and operational leaders serve a broad range of communities. Our focus on advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion across the company enables broader perspectives to deliver better care for our patients. Ongoing communication and education are at the core of our efforts. We are focused on ensuring employees across the company are trained and knowledgeable about the criticality of diversity and inclusion and the impact of unconscious bias. Talent management, recruiting, and succession planning are paramount as we continuously shape our workforce and advance our culture. Our ambition for continuous improvement is driven by a dedicated core team to enable strong participation and engagement across the organization.

Medical professional showing patient information on a tablet. Broader culture perspectives
Broader culture perspectives

create better patient outcomes.

Medical professional crossing arms and smiling. Ambition for continuous improvement
Ambition for continuous improvement

driven by a dedicated core team.

Medical professional looking at a monitor. Ongoing education and communication
Ongoing education and communication

creates knowledgeable employees.

Medical professional hugging patient and smiling. Awareness of unconscious bias
Awareness of unconscious bias

reduces its impact.

Medial professional wearing a mask while tending to a young patient with a Stethoscope. Employee ethics focus
Employee ethics focus

ensures equity at all levels.

Medical professional smiling while reading information off a tablet. Focus on diversity
Focus on diversity

to reflect the patients we serve.

Medical professional smiling while showing information on a tablet. Strong engagement
Strong engagement

powered by employee led resource groups.

Medical professional wearing a mask while observing a young patient. Serving a broad range of communities
Serving a broad range of communities

creates accessible care for all.