Here’s where to train your aim:

Medical professionals reviewing information in a corridor.
Current ED Physicians
New Clinical and Non-Clinical Team Members
Prominent or Well-connected People in the Community
Professional Organizations
Medical professionals shaking hands.

Strategic Recruiting Plan

The best recruiting plan is a continuous one. Keep your network on perpetual growth mode by keeping your hospital in front of potential candidates:

  • Market its strengths and program accomplishments—not just awards— in national trade and specialty journals and online venues
  • Attend emergency medicine conferences and resident career fairs
  • Sponsor lectures at residency programs
Diverse group of medical professionals walking down a corridor.

New Hire Networks

Even when you don’t have an open position, make it a common practice to probe new hires about their favorite former colleagues. Good people tend to gravitate to good people, so their recommendations should carry extra weight— and prove valuable as you expand your network.