SCP Health - Revenue.


Focus on maintaining and building your skills, particularly in key areas such as respiratory failure, severe sepsis, pneumonia, or chronic heart failure.

SCP Health - Collaboration.

Problem Solving

Concentrate on what you can fix rather than the limitations and prepare accordingly. Flexibility and adaptability are important factors when treating patients with acute conditions.

SCP Health - Respect.


Build strong relationships and partnerships with fellow staff. Clinicians naturally share a heritage of self-improvement and collaboration. Dynamic teams are essential to saving lives.

SCP Health - Emergency Medicine.


Incorporate simulation exercises with colleagues and/or hospital teams. This practice helps clinicians prepare for common scenarios, plan ahead, and coordinate more effectively.

SCP Health - Critical Care Medicine.

Palliative Care

Integrate palliative care practices into your routine. Often, critically ill patients need symptom control and end-of-life care, clear communication with family, and options for dignity in death and decision-making power

SCP Health - Primary Care.

Self Care

Clinicians are undoubtedly dealing with high doses of human pain and emotional demands. Choose to be kind to yourself and practice self-care daily. Remember to always make time to relax and do something each day that brings you joy.