SCP Goals

  • Establish a full-time Critical Care staff
  • Reduce ICU LOS
  • Reduce overall vent days

Critical Care Unit Strategy

Adding CCM to the partnership took the existing collaboration to a new level of effectiveness and deepened the trust between the facility and SCP. Especially given the complementary nature of EM and CCM, SCP was able to empower these programs to work collaboratively together in achieving facility-wide goals.

Specifically, SCP implemented the following tactics in the ICU:

  • Full CCM program provider recruitment and onboarding strategy—including hiring a customized mix of physicians, NPs, and PAs to control costs and providing robust training opportunities to improve care team efficiency.
  • New team-oriented processes, including ICU providers managing ER codes and evaluating potentially critical patients down in the ER
  • Interdisciplinary rounding and standardized rounding sheets
  • Constant stream and communication of patient data in a continual care model to drive proactive and best-practice clinical care
  • Workgroups and education initiatives to help reduce holds, improve adherence to admission criteria, and improve flow throughout the facility

Impact of SCP Partnership


Reduced by 1.1 days in 4 months

Vent Days

Reduced by 0.6 days in 3 months


Hired and trained a stable and consistent clinical care team