Why Work With Us?

  • Our Focus Is You: We manage processes, improve care practices, and provide personalized support, allowing you to spend more time with patients and deliver better care.
  • We’re Always On Call: If you have a question, we’ll find an answer. If you need support, we’re always available.
  • Grow Your Career: Whether you’re coming out of residency or looking for a medical director position, our team creates an environment that fosters support, growth, and delivers rewarding daily work experiences.



Our Story

  • We’ve Walked In Your Shoes: SCP Health was founded by physicians, for physicians. We’ve been at the bedside, worked the ER, experienced triumph, and learned lessons along the way.
  • We’re Constantly Growing: Over the past 25 years, we’ve grown to be one of the largest healthcare partners in the country spanning the entire continuum of care, including Emergency and Hospital Medicine, Telemedicine, Intensive Care, and Ambulatory Care.
  • We’re Always Looking Forward: Healthcare challenges constantly change. That’s why we work to advance healthcare delivery day in and day out.

Who We Are

SCP Health - Clinical Staffing and Advance Solutions.


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For a Medical Director, every day is a balancing act. I love working for SCP Health because they have a team behind me that supports me. I can pick up the phone or email, and I have answers to my questions right away.

Danielle Richards

As a clinician, COVID-19 was the single most difficult clinical and emotional time that I’ve ever been in. SCP Health was working behind the scenes to equip and support us with the necessary tools during this difficult time. From boxes with PPE to free mental health resources for stress management, SCP always backed us up!

Joseph Rose

Despite the intense year, SCP worked behind the scenes to facilitate a smooth workflow for our hospitalists. They provided support and would check in to ensure I was doing well. I can spend the whole day laboring at what I love best—patient care—knowing that no matter how the day goes, SCP has my back!

Naznin Jamal

When the pandemic hit here in Arkansas, I received personal calls from SCP Health’s senior leadership asking if there was anything we needed, and reassuring that they were there to support and protect us. I had never had this support from prior companies or hospitals I had worked with.

Burton Bledsoe

Our Investments In You

SCP Health - Clinical Staffing and Advance Solutions.

Ongoing Education

Access robust education resources in our SCP University: 300+ hours of certified CMEs available on demand 24/7.

SCP Health - Leading Benefits.

Leading Benefits

Gain flexible scheduling, competitive compensation, support from the Provider Concierge Program, and more.

SCP Health - Leadership Growth.

Leadership Growth

We care about your success. Medical leaders work alongside you, and on-site support teams assist with daily operations.

SCP Health - Innovative Technology.

Innovative Technology

Scheduling resources, performance metrics, license renewal alerts– it’s all available in our custom Provider Portal.

SCP Health - Agility

Department Integration

Smooth patient transfers and communication clarity make your job easier and improve care quality.

SCP Health - Nationwide Opportunities.

Extensive Opportunities

With nationwide positions in partner hospitals across 32 states, we’ll find the right fit for you.

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