Focus on Value

Stay true to your organization’s mission and core values.

Institute New Staffing Models

Implementing staffing models that include NPs and PAs is paramount in achieving cost efficiency while maintaining care quality.

Integrate Emergency Medicine and Hospital Medicine Practices

Patient care efficiency and quality improve when EM and HM practices are well aligned.

Accelerate Efficiency

Using scribes, dictation solutions, and other resources where possible ensure providers can practice at or near top of scope, and use their expertise more productively.

Use Data for Feedback and Support

Embrace quality and reduce unhelpful variation in clinical practice by using state-of-the-art technology, data, and analysis to deliver valuable feedback and practice support for providers.

Enhance Medical Director Effectiveness

Enhance the performance and results of this critical role by implementing new approaches that address changes in healthcare.

Align Provider Pay and Coverage Models with Overall Revenue

You must be both creative and courageous when aligning provider pay and coverage models with the economic realities of your organization and the community you serve.

Implement Innovative Solutions

You must continue to implement innovative solutions such as telemedicine and post-acute care to thrive in a value-based environment, and enhance patient care value.