4 Tips to Effectively Handle Patient Surges

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Tip #1:
Patient Prioritization

When experiencing a surge, discharging patients with non-emergent conditions must be considered. Virtual visits or community-based healthcare solutions can be your best allies in this scenario. This will effectively create capacity for those complex and specialized cases.

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Tip #2:
Space Capacity

Space is valuable and necessary for patient movement. A well-designed traffic flow management plan can effectively save time.

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Tip #3:
Team Alignment

Relying on your teammates and working in concert can effectively decrease stress when dealing with surges. Utilize all the key team players in your department such as residents, nurses, and other support staff to initiate and provide optimal patient care.

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Tip #4:
Patient Hand-Off

Before you move on to the next case or leave your shift, be clear and comprehensive with the clinician who is taking your patient. Give the full picture; assess the patient; document well; and inform the clinician of outstanding tests.