SCP's Strategy

First, the patient engagement team established positive relationships with key clinical contacts at the hospital and clinic locations. After gaining provider buy-in and establishing open lines of communication, the team began educating providers and staff members about OSHA recordability and alternative duty assignment for their workforce.

Next, to build relationships with the facility’s target employer market, a patient engagement corporate health consultant visited local employers to address their specific concerns. The consultant provided company health management reports to employers, reviewed OSHA requirements, and conducted on-site health benefit talks.

Finally, to close the loop, the patient engagement team provided a direct link back to the hospital and clinics by scheduling appointments/services for employees and tracking any necessary clinic or hospital visit, treatment or test (e.g., alcohol, nicotine, and fitness). SCP’s service coordinators provided efficient patient navigation services as an extension of the facility’s team by obtaining authorization for services ordered and scheduling services at their facilities. Utilizing the facility’s healthcare professionals, the corporate health consultant also organized on-site safety and wellness education, group employee weight-loss challenges, yearly flu shots, and health events for testing weight, body mass index, blood pressure and glucose levels for local businesses.


Partnership Impact

After just one year, the facility saw the following results:

Community Engagement:
  • 73 employer health events resulted in 122 new patient referrals
  • 240 employers utilize the facility’s service lines for employee needs
  • New business generated $1,078,754
Efficiencies Realized:
  • 82 ED visits successively verified and/or billing information updated
  • 1762 appointments coordinated, including: initial visits, follow-up provider appointments, and ancillary services