Show Care and Concern

  • Get to know your people on a personal level: Know what matters to your team members so you can better understand their priorities
  • Take note of changes in behavior: Sudden changes in interest level and responses can be a way to identify who may need extra support

Connect in a Meaningful Way

  • Give them your time and attention: Find pockets of time where you can have a quality conversation and make a real connection
  • Prepare for the tough conversations: Make time to prepare for hard talks so you’re ready to discuss in a way that will best reach your audience

Keep Getting Input

  • Seek out and listen to feedback: Ask people how it’s going, if anything needs to change, what would help them feel better support
  • Take note of what you hear: Small comments in passing are often excellent indicators of how people feel, so don’t dismiss the little things
  • Learn from responses how to do better next time: Utilize people’s responses (both physical and verbal) as feedback to improve your own tactics