b'SUSTAINABILITYDEI EXCELLING TOGETHERSCP Health has a RISING TOGETHER strongresponsibilitytoprioritizesustainability: SCP Health shares a profound responsibility in ensuring financially,environmentally, SCP Health serves a broad range of communities, both clinically and operationally, and fundamentally all our employees, resources, and processes supportandsocially.Wearecommittedto believes all people entering the health care system are entitled to receive equitable and effective sustainability across the environment, climate, andtransformingourhealthcaresystem treatment.health care system.intoonethatisnotonlymoreequitableWe are focused on ensuring continuous efforts in bothbutalsoemphasizestheimportance We focus on advancing diversity, equality, and inclusion across our organization to create an inclusive and clinical and corporate operations for sustainable bestofhealthandwellnessforall.With welcoming environment for our employees, our clinicians, and the patients we serve.practices. goodstewardshipofourassets,robust Through ongoing communication and education, we are working to ensure our employees and clinicians Our in-person and virtual care operations are foundedDEIinitiatives,andcloseattentionto are trained and knowledgeable about the criticality of cultural competence, diversity, and inclusion.with energy-efficient systems and tools to optimizesustainableprocesses,wehavebuiltenergy utilization while also maintaining the highestastrongfoundationwithlong-term Our goal is to support our partners, employees, clinicians, and patients to ensure everyone feels respected performance levels.viability. and valued.Business operations leverage energy-efficient measures through consolidating rooftops and leveraging centralSarah Crass, ESQ. locations for specialized capabilities.General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer With a continuous improvement approach, we seek to reduce the environmental impact of delivering care across communities.20 21SCP HEALTH 2021 ANNUAL REVIEW TOGETHER, WE HEAL'