b'VOICES ACROSS THE TEAMCustomers: Clinicians:Employees:SCP Health has been a good partner,SCP Health understands the stressIt is a blessing to work alongsideI love being a part of a company they communicate well and frequently. of the pandemic with the constant such an amazing team of providers that makes a difference. Everyone We meet weekly to make sure were allchanges requiring adaptationwho are committed to the bestcares and you have the flexibility driving in the same direction, whichand increased efforts on our part.quality of care for our patients. when needed. My job challenges has been very helpful. They try to workI appreciate how they are alwaysNurse Practitioner me every day in different ways on things that will improve metricsconsiderate of their people andand my team and co-workers at and outcomes, and its working. Weremake sure they feel supported andSCP Health are a pleasure to work probably the most efficient ER in ourappreciated.It has been very tough throughoutwith and make it enjoyable to system. Theyre constantly looking atEmergency Medicine Physician the COVID pandemic and our numberscome to work.staffing to make sure its appropriatehave been exceedingly high. We have for throughput, our experience, andworked hard and got the work donePractice Managerour financial viability. And now, weas a team, and I am grateful for the have a consistent team of clinicians.support and appreciation SCP Health They even come on-site to follow theprovides. They help us get things In todays work environment, clinicians to give coaching points todone. its easy to be just an employee improve their communication. Wevenumber, but with SCP, you work never had someone take that type ofHospital Medicine Physician for an organization that values involvement, its like theyre part of ourevery team members voice, no organization. I couldnt be prouder to be part ofmatter their position.SCP focuses Chief Nursing Officer SCP Health. Their support helps uson its employees professional and to increase physician involvementpersonal growth, helping us better within our group. We are able toserve the communities and patients create roles for attending physiciansour clients entrust us to care for.to fill that provide them better work-life balance and increase workOperations Managersatisfaction beyond clinical care. Our stance within the hospital remains strong and well-developed which overall helps us to provide the best care possible to our patients.Medical Director8 9SCP HEALTH 2021 ANNUAL REVIEW TOGETHER, WE HEAL'