b'Algorithms help balance operational priorities such as patient satisfaction, throughput, quality, and cost. 3.Usingsophisticatedalgorithmstooptimizestaffinglevels. Once we know volume, acuity, and arrival patterns, wecan then use algorithms designed by data scientists, in coordination with operational priorities, to automaticallygenerate a clinical staffing plan.DEFAULT SCHEDULEOPTIMIZED SCHEDULECrucially, these staffing plans are not designed only to maximize efficiency or reduce cost. Instead, like the airlines weighing the potential damage of cancellations to customer satisfaction, the algorithms aim to further the operational goals of hospital leaders, whether that is improving patient satisfaction, maximizing throughput, impacting clinical quality, reducing unnecessary staffing costs, or balancing all four.While the new model driven by AI is a game changing differentiator, it is important to accompany technology deployments with change management efforts. SCP Health employs its expertise using the principles of change management to drive the adoption of these modern technology tools within the hospital. As with any meaningful change, the process of educating, training, and earning buy-in from clinical and operational leaders is essential to maximizing the positive impacts on patient care, productivity, and clinician satisfaction.Together, we healTogether, we heal 5Together, we heal SCP HEALTHIINVESTING IN AI: PROVEN STRATEGIES TO FUEL TRANSFORMATION IN HOSPITAL OPERATIONS'