b'Investing in AI: Proven Strategies toFuel Transformationin Hospital OperationsDeploying artificial intelligence andmachine learning to transformhospital operations for better care and costTOGETHER, WE HEALIVolume 1, Issue 5Rob ReillyIntroductionChief Operating Officer, SCP HealthIn todays volatile health care environment, the countrys most forward-thinking, technologically savvy health systems are already using artificial intelligence (AI) to unlock tremendous new value. I knowwe are working with them. Our team at SCP Health has fully embraced AI, furthering operational goals, improving efficiency, and enhancing the patient experience for our hospital and health system partners. The tools of artificial intelligencelarge data warehouses, sophisticated algorithms, digital twin technologies, and affordable computing powerare now being adopted for an increasingly diverse range of use cases in U.S. health care.Health care executives are interested. They understand that AI is here, but the true power of the use cases and specific applications for these tools remains obscure to many. In other industries, including aviation, banking, automotive, and retail, executives and their organizations have already benefited from these tools for years. Health care leaders are now applying those lessons to some of the industrys most challenging, costly, and important problems. I myself previously worked at GE, where I watched the application of AI transform entire markets, drive enormous efficiency, and create tremendous new value. Yet, as often is the case with modern technology adaption, U.S. health care has been a laggard. That time is over. The time has come to embrace artificial intelligence for an ever-growing number of powerful use cases.This paper will:Explain how to apply AI in healthcare operations. Describe AI-specific tools that are critical to success. Reveal new hospital operations use case that employs AI.Those who do not adopt AI as an integral part of their hospital operationswill eventually fail. They will lose market share to a more forward-thinkingcompetitor or simply fail to optimize costs at a time when financial burdenshave never been more pressing.Health care today is far too dynamic and volatile to manage with yesterdaysmethods. This paper will light the way forward for those wondering howartificial intelligence tools can avoid those near-certain fates.Together, we healTogether, we heal 1Together, we heal SCP HEALTHIINVESTING IN AI: PROVEN STRATEGIES TO FUEL TRANSFORMATION IN HOSPITAL OPERATIONS'