b'Bringing the C-Suiteto the Bedside inCritical Care MedicineA new paradigm, with modern strategies,reimagines the ICU By Erika Gabbard, DNP, RN, CCNS, CCRN-KIntroduction Thenationsintensivecareunits(ICU)face New Paradigm: unprecedented stresses. The clinical and C-suiteInterconnected C-suite and Clinical Leadershipprofessionals who oversee their management are challenged with ensuring high-quality care amidst difficultreimbursementandstaffingenvironments,aswell as chronic under-resourcing. While the ICU is a critical clinical necessity in the patient care journey, itBedside + C-Suiteisoftenviewedasanexpensivecostcenter,measured Clinical+ Corporateprimarilybythefinancialrealitiesitrepresentswithinthe Thinking Thinkinghospital system. Afteralmosttwodecadesofclinicalandoperationalleadership, I believe the time is now to reshape this outdated viewpoint. The ICU should not be consideredModern Operational Strategies:as only an expensive cost center. We can progress well beyond the old way of thinking. We can create a moreExpanded role of physicians, virtual healthholistic view of the ICU, one that includes deliberateand teleintensivistsclinical and operational alignment to ensure high- Optimized advanced practice provider (APP)quality care within the patient journey while optimizingscope and responsibilityeconomic measures. The new way of thinking integratesIntegratedstaffingthe clinical and C-suite goals and creates opportunitiesModernized nurse training to enable the deployment of modern operational strategies. By evolving the paradigm, we can create newThe new way of thinking about the ICU expands norms in the ICU, resulting in increased value for thebeyond the current viewpoint and demonstrates an patient and hospital ecosystem.interconnected approach, aligning holistic cost with the This paper argues for a new way of thinking about thecomplex clinical management requirements and well-ICU, including a new paradigm and modern operationalbeing of the patients who require ICU-level care. Patient strategies. By combining the clinical and operationalneeds remain the primary focus, aligned in parallel with thinking of clinicians with the strategic thinking of thethe strategic needs of the hospital, to ensure both the C-suite, we enable shared understanding and goals.deliveryofhigh-qualitycareandfiscaladherencetotheAdditionally,wecancreateefficienciesandoptimize hospitalsgoals.Together, we healcosts by deploying new, proven operational strategies. Together, we heal 1Together, we heal SCP HEALTHIBRINGING THE C-SUITE TO THE BEDSIDE IN CRITICAL CARE MEDICINE'